Accessible Home Construction Consulting

Recently Residential Resources, Inc. was contracted to consult on an accessible home design and construction project. This unique home has been designed to accommodate a young girl who uses a wheelchair. The intention of this house is to be the client’s place of residence for most of her life. RRI was contacted for this job to aid in the design and provide construction monitoring to oversee the disbursement of funds from her trust administrators.

The home being constructed will have 3 large bedrooms for the family, 3.5 bathrooms and will have and elevator to access the lower level.  There will be a deck from the living room and a patio from the lower level into the rear yard.  RRI’s role was to provide input into the design of the home to make sure certain design criteria were incorporated to serve the physical needs of the client.  Our participation in the project will now extend through the construction phase to make certain that design elements are incorporated into the final plan and that the home serves the needs of our client.


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