Who We Serve

Whether it’s a sudden or drastic change in living arrangements or a need that is slowly but surely becoming more evident, we can help you find a solution.

Residential Resources, Inc. assists individuals and families during, what we know can be, a tumultuous and challenging time by carefully evaluating the specific needs of each situation and developing a plan to meet its unique circumstances.

First, Residential Resources will visit the home to help evaluate and consider various solutions, including the feasibility of renovation or the options for building new. Once a decision is made, we will act on the individual’s behalf as project and construction manager until work is completed.

In some cases, as a part of our mission, Residential Resources can offer ownership and management of the property – providing security and long-term planning for a loved one’s care. We also offer consultation to those who wish to own their own home with expert guidance in all phases of a real estate transaction.

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