Who We Are

Residential Resources, Inc. is a uniquely qualified provider of high quality housing development, property management and home modifications for southwest Pennsylvanians with physical and intellectual disabilities. Our particular expertise includes property searches, property renovations, and ongoing property maintenance.

We have more than 25 years of focused, specialized experience, where we focus on all housing needs, including accessible design and construction. We have become a trusted authority for accessible renovations and compliance with local, state and ADA specifications, working with municipal zoning issues, and the law as it applies to the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Our skilled project managers are sensitive and dedicated to the rights of individuals with disabilities. We take great pride in delivering high quality, custom services to both individuals and agencies. To date, we have acquired and made modifications to over 200 properties.

Our vision is to aid individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities and their family members in their challenge to overcome the obstacles to high quality housing solutions. We believe that every individual deserves a high quality of life, which means living without barriers, comfortably and safely within the homes of their choice.

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